22 Caliber Match Rules

Custom Class – any barrel, stock, trigger and scope
Sporter Class – factory stock, factory tapered barrel, any trigger and any scope

Competitor must use a two-piece rest with front and rear sandbags or just sandbags


IBS 50 yard Rimfire Target and
IBS 100 yard Hunter Rifle Target

For Score – 25 shots for score on each 50 yard and 100 yard targets with unlimited sighters on designated bullseyes 

There is a 25 minute time limit on each target

Practice begins at 5 P.M. with the match beginning at 6 P.M.
* R&GC 1000 match practice begins at 9 A.M., match begins at 11 A.M.

  June  19
  July    3, 17, 31 
  Aug.  14, 28
* Sept. 11 (Rod & Gun Club 1000 – double matches)