CMP Sanctioned Rimfire Sporter Match and Clinic
June 9,2016 @ 6:30PM Clinic
June 11, 2016 @ 10am Match
This is a unique match where The CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Matches offers shooters a recreation-oriented competition where they use .22 caliber all you need is a rifle and ammo. You fire with standard sporter-type rimfire rifles that can weigh no more than 7 ½ pounds, with sights and sling. Rifles may be manually operated or semi-automatic; shooters with manually operated actions are given extra time in rapid-fire to compensate for the difference.

There are three classes of competition - the standard “O Class” for open-sighted rifles, “T-Class” for telescope sighted and rear aperture sighted rifles and “Tactical Rimfire” class, which is a .22 caliber A4 or AR15 style rifle. Firing for all classes is done at 50 and 25 yards on a target with a 1.78” ten-ring and an 18” outer one-ring. Even new shooters can get hits on this target, but it’s still tough enough that no one yet has fired a perfect 600x600 score


 Clinic will be held at the Rimersburg Rod and Gun Club clubhouse and the match will be on Saturday on the gun club rifle range at 10am

Fees:  Clinic and Match.........$20  Match Only........$10
If you have not fired in a match of this type clinic attendance is highly recommended
Click HERE to see match brochure
Click HERE to download "Guide to CMP Rimfire Shooting"
Sam Pagliari
Phone: 814-671-2365
Kenna Tascarella
Sport Shack, East Brady, Pa
(Pre-Registrations will be appreciated. Payments made by cash or check the day of the match. Range limitations may limit participants)
 All clinic attendees will recieve an empty chamber indicator and a Rimfire Sporter Shooters Manual

Clinic instruction will include:
Introduction to CMP and CMP Games Matches
Safety and Safe Range Procedures
Equipment, Targets & Courses of Fire
Learning How to Shoot
Firing Slow and Rapid Fire
Prone, Sitting and Standing Positions
Scoring Targets

Clinic Instructor:
Sam Pagliari CMP GSM Master Instructor

All clinic attendees will recieve a Certificate of Completion from the Civilian Marksmanship Program

Course of Fire
6 Stages - Firing is done at 50 and 25 yards in prone, sitting and standing positions, in slow and rapid fire modes. Unlimited sighters (10 minutes) with 60 shots for record. Scoring will be required of each competitor. 

All Shooters Must Bring
1. A match legal rifle and 80-100 rounds of ammo per shooter (rifles can be shared)
2.Signed and Notarized CMP Affidavits and Liability forms are required of all shooters. A NOTARY WILL BE PRESENT AT THE MATCH TO NOTARIZE THESE FORMS. The notary charge is part of the match fees. Affidavits can be found here.  This is a CMP requirement instituted by US Congress upon chartering the CMP.  It is required in all sanctioned matches.
3. A shooting mat or rug appropriate for shooting prone.
4.Empty Chamber Indicators are required and will be sold for $1 apiece if needed.
5. Slings are not required but are helpful.  Standard USGI web slings work great!  If you want to use this type of sling make sure you have 1 1/4 in sling swivels.  I have a limited number of used weblings available for sale at $5 each.
Pleas Email or Call With Questions