Long and Short Range Center-Fire Rules

Custom – any rifle that has had any custom work done, i.e. barrel, stock or trigger work
Factory – any rifle as it came from the factory
Hunter – any rifle with a sporter contour barrel, the scope is limited to 16x

Competitor must use a two piece rest with front and rear sandbags or just sandbags

Targets Used will be:
100 yard; IBS 100 yard
200 yard; IBS 200 yard
300 yard; IBS 300 yard
400 yard; IBS 300 yard
500 yard; IBS 300 yard
600 yard; IBS 300 yard

Scoring will be 5 shots on scoring bullseye with unlimited sighters on the designated bullseye.

Competitor will have 8 minutes to complete their shooting.

Beginning time for long and short range match is 9 am

Match Dates
   June   20
   July    18
   Aug    15
   Sept   19