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Range Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  • ONLY members holding a current membership card and member’s guests are permitted on the range.

  • Members are required to visibly display a current membership card on the range at all times. Any member that does not display a current membership card will be asked to leave the range as well as their guests.


  • Anyone entering the range area is responsible for reading and understanding all Pistol & Rifle Range Rules and Regulations before proceeding to the range. Failure to follow Range Rules and Regulations that results in damage to the range facilities is considered vandalism. Vandalism will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • All shooting must be on a target through the sights of the firearm. No shooting from the hip or random shooting. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to fire!

  • The shooter is responsible for ensuring that all shots are into the berm. Never fire stray or random shots!!

  • Shooting Hours are as follows: Monday thru Saturday: 8:00 AM to Dusk, Sunday: 9:00 AM to Dusk.

  • BE SAFE – Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times.

  • Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while on the range.

  • No cartridges based on 50 BMG caliber are permitted on the range.

  • The following are NOT PERMITTED on the range: Explosive targets nor ammunition, tracer nor incendiary ammunition. Fully automatic firearms are permitted but must be shot from the prone position or from the bench. The shooter will be held fully responsible for any damages to the range.

  • Randomly discharging a firearm is an unsafe practice and prohibited at Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club. Shoot only at paper targets properly attached to club provided backstops or club provided metal targets. DO NOT SHOOT at bottles, cans, rocks, target frames, safety cones, etc. No shooting from behind the benches.

  • All firearms must have muzzles pointed downrange and when transported be in muzzle up position.

  • No Littering – pull your targets! Police all brass and leave your shooting bench area clean.

  • If unsafe or unauthorized behavior is noticed, safely gather the appropriate information (description of activity/activities in question, physical description of perpetrator(s), license plate number, etc.) leave the area and immediately report this information to the club president.


Pistol Range Specific Rules

  1. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SATETY OF OTHERS: Place steel targets a minimum of 20 yards down range from firing position.

  2. Handguns & shotguns only permitted at this range.

  3. Straight wall handgun cartridges & all shotgun cartridges (birdshot, buckshot & slug) only – NO BOTTLENECK CARTRIDGES AT STEEL TARGETS!

Handgun and  Ammunition

Rifle Range Specific Rules

  1. Single projectile ammunition only. (No buckshot, birdshot, or multiple projectile ammunition, etc.)

  2. Hunting and Target pistols may be used at the rifle range at the Club provided backstops.

  3. Anytime anyone is down range of the shooting area for any reason, the warning lights must be switched on. Shooters should not be handling firearms or be seated at a bench when people are downrange. When one has returned from down range, the warning lights must be switched off. If the warning lights do not work, place an orange safety cone several feet down range of the shooting area before heading down range. When one has returned from down range, the cone must be placed at or behind the shooting area.

Rifle Bullets

Always remember, SAFETY FIRST!

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