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This page was last updated: June 26, 2017
      Meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month @7:00 PM       
   We have a covered dish dinner at 6PM before each meeting.
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Meeting on July 12, 2017 at 7:00PM, Covered Dish Dinner Before Meeting at 6:00PM

Upcoming Events
 What's Goin' On At The Rimersburg Rod and Gun Club
New Logo....New T-Shirts....New Hats....New Hoodies
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2017 Benchrest Matches 
Match Dates
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Thursday Night at the Range Rimfire Matches
Next match 6/15/2017 6:30pm
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6/24/2017 Rimfire Benchrest .22 match. 6:00pm
CMP Sanctioned M1Garand, Springfield, Vintage & Modern Military Clinic/Match
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6/25/2017 Shortrange Benchrest Match 9am
June 2017 Fish For Fun Drawing Winners Click HERE
6/18/2017 Longrange Benchrest Match 9am
7/2/2017: Camp Perry Practice, Garand, Vintage 9am
Summer 2017 Complete Range and Match Schedule Click HERE